About Us


TES Ventures is a strategic extension of the US-based Consulting Firm, which is super specialized in providing the consulting support, specifically to the Nano & Micro Level Business Ventures and Start-ups. This Consulting Firm specializes in providing consulting in the specific areas of maintaining perfect Work Life Balance, exclusively to the CEOs, Presidents, Business Heads and Entrepreneurs of the Nano & Micro Level Business Ventures & Start-ups, to help them maintain their Quality of Life at Personal, Professional and Social aspects, since they are considered to be the highest contributors to US Economy and are valuable assets of the country.

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To become one of the most appreciated, respected and sought after organisation in the arena of Education Management & Career Development.

Core Objective

To improve the quality of Education by adding value to the process of Dissemination of relevant knowledge and best practices by bridging the gap between Industry and Academia for creating a Sensitive, Responsible and Accountable society involving all the Stake Holders.


To bring all interrelated & interdependent stake holders on the same platform for the overall quality enhancement of applied Education by the year 2022.