TES Ventures

Recreating Lifestyles !

TES Ventures is an endeavour of committed professionals who resolved to initiate a micro-level start-up of its own kind, to enhance the qualitative aspect of applied education amongst students. And these social entrepreneurs are associated with education sector as well as industry and have hands on experience of the gaps in the educational process and the lapse at the professional front. The slip-ups at the employability status and the entrepreneurial standing of the present generation compelled them to initiate a revolution towards bringing a pragmatic transformation to the ongoing scenario. These evangelists are committed to bring a progressive change in the way education is being imparted for the greater good of the society at large.

Core Values :

Truth, Trust, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Loyalty.

Parent Organisation :
The Educationist Supergroup

Social Welfare is about the well-being of the entire society, and it is not same as the standard of living but it is more related with the Quality of Life. And to improve the Quality of Life at every step, expanse of education opportunities and spread of career options, is the only way. Therefore, an endeavour to create such possibilities and to spread Education & Career choices in any form or shape to individuals or groups, towards providing strong support to build a conscientious society, an idea took a shape in the form of The Educationist Supergroup.

Executive Board

Simran Kaur

Mrs. Simran Kaur Rana

CMD, The Educationist Supergroup
Executive Director, TES Ventures
President, The Red Dot Project

Rana Vikarm Singh

Mr. Rana Vikram Singh

Executive Coach, The Equilibrium
President & CEO, The Educationist Supergroup
Executive Director, TES Ventures

Anupama Nigam

Mrs. Anupama Nigam

Co-Founder, The Master Interns