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Our Privacy Policy

  • As per Privacy Policy, every content related with the products, processes, concepts and services, related with the organisations namely The Educationist Supergroup, TES Ventures, Rana Vikram Singh Enterprise and all the other Allied Verticals is the whole-sole property of these organizations as well their owners.
  • Any kind of usage of this IPR property is forbidden by the owners.
  • Any kind of usage including duplication or replication of the content or any part of the content both pictorial or text, without prior permission from the owners, is illegal.

  • Disclaimer :

  • We at The Educationist Supergroup, TES Ventures, The Master Interns, The School of Sales, The School of English Communication and The School of Learning, Training and Development, facilitate the Training Programs for Working Professionals, Job-Seekers and Students.
  • We provide certification programs ONLY.
  • We DO NOT provide any kind of Degree or Diploma.