The Red Dot Project

Establishing | Empowring | Enlightening

CSR Initiative of TES Ventures


The Red Dot Project - a social service initiative of the women, for the women and by the women is working in the areas of creating awareness about the importance of Mental, Physical and Emotional Health of Women, and by aligning corporate / Institutional collaborations of different types, they are creating economic empowerment to strengthen the Financial Health of women as well.

  • To extend the hands to those women who are genuinely in need of help, support and assistance
  • To ensure safety, security and protection of the female populace of the country by equipping them with means, methods and measures
  • To solve the issues, concerns and problems of the girls on personal, professional and social fronts by providing them guidance, counselling and therapy through specialists, experts and practitioners
  • To educate, update and communicate about mental, physical and emotional health through workshops, trainings and activities
  • To establish an environment of overall wellness, wellbeing and welfare of the women at large for a qualitative, happy and peaceful societies, nations and the whole world